Our Services

Residential Home Inspections

Looking to buy a new home in the White Mountains or surrounding towns? A residential home inspection will ensure that you are making the right decision! We work closely with many of the top Realtors in the White Mountains providing BINSR reports that are recommended to ensure peace of mind that your new asset wont become a new liability.

Swimming Pool Inspections

There are not a huge amount of swimming pools in Snowflake, Show Low, or the surrounding areas, however we are certified to provided a thorough inspection of swimming pools and their various systems.

New Home Warranty Inspections

Did you just purchase a newly constructed home? If you did getting a home warranty can be a life saver! Most contractors work hard to provide a good product, however things dont always go as expected. Having an adequate home warranty can help ensure that your asset is protected against issues that you may experience with your new home.

Termite Inspections

Coming Soon

As of right now we do not provide termite inspections, however we expect to be certified in this area. Termites are the slow killer of a home. Unlike a flood or other natural disasters, termites slowly eat away at the wood used to construct the home. If you do not quickly identify the presence of termites then the damage caused can be costly and difficult to remediate. If you suspect that you have an issue with Termites dont hesitate to call and schedule your inspection.

Things We Have Seen

Here is a gallery of things that we have come across while inspecting homes. Some are typical for most homes however, there are a few that are just out there!